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Some churches are no longer using the song book. Maybe you have them in a closet and would like to donate or sell them. We are looking for a certain song book. It is out of print and cannot be ordered, but there are lots of them around. Below is the name and author of this book; we can use any amount from one to one hundred.


Song We Sing Complete

by Jacob A Filbert


If you have these books and are not using them we will appreciate hearing from you.


Thank you,

Norman Fikes

Pastor of End Tyme Fellowship

PO Box 857

Bastrop, Texas 78602



This should be published sometime before the 4th of July, let us pray for our country and the coming election. We are reminded that freedom is not free, but Jesus is a free choice weather bond or free. “IN GOD WE TRUST” and no other.


There is a lot of email going around that says “forward this to all you know” Please be sure that you do so very carefully as not to be the devil’s tool for spreading non-truths, that part which God will look at you and say, why would you spread that LIE.




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